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Outstanding Provision for Children

Our staff are committed in providing a high quality service for each child in our care.

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework to move your child ahead developmentally, getting them ready for school teaching each child important social skills in an environment that is warm, nurturing and fun. We will complete a progress check at 2 years, usually alongside the parent and the Health Visitor to really evaluate where your child is in their development. This helps plan for future learning to ensure children are on target with learning and milestones in their development are met.

Children are eager to learn and keen to practise new skills. We provide endless opportunities for children to explore and investigate their surroundings at Siblings Nursery. Resources are chosen and activities are planned following children’s interests. Staff are trained to look for schemas, which are patterns of repeatable behaviour, as children will learn differently to one another and by using their schema will allow for learning to happen at a deeper level.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein

We engage children in planned educational and fun outings, invite visitors into the nursery such as Dentist, Fire Brigade etc and we have a Football Coach who attends weekly teaching our children valuable skills such as turn taking, coordination, listening skills etc. It’s all fun!

As children of this age are exploring around them, they will also explore and test boundaries within their peer group and with adults. Our team of childcare professionals will use a programme to support children through any unacceptable behaviour. Mammys, Daddys and Carers will be kept informed at all times of any issues so we can work together to support every child. There may be times where it is necessary to access external support, this will always be done through consultation with parents and carers. As qualified childcare professionals we have a duty of care to ensure the support is available for every child to learn to the best of their potential. Like you; we want the best for every child who attends Siblings Nursery.